This is our TERPT model, with 3 disposable sponges

No instruments included. (Separately available)


Product Description

PediatrickBoxx Hirschsprung’s

This model consists of a reusable case, with disposable perineal sponges. The aim is to train the component steps of a TERPT (Transanal Endorectal PullThrough) on the model. The steps will be guided in the instructions and app provided with the model.

This is a validated model, of which the results are presented during the EUPSA (European Pediatric Surgery Association) in Athens 2021 and ‘The best of the best Pediatric surgery 2022’.



  • PediatrickBoxx Hirschsprung’s assembly pack
  • Two disposable perineal sponges
  • Access to the PediatrickBoxx instruction videos and app
  • Optional instruments: needle holder, two mosquito clamps, Adson forceps, scissor, scalpel
  • Optional material: sutures and retractor.